Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Facts About Nutrition

Hello Again From Nutritional Health,

It's Rick, and I'm pretty sure I have something you might be interested in viewing and using for yourself or for passing on to co-workers, friends and family. I had a video made that helps to explain "my passion" and "my intention" in having a video created and made available for you and anyone who is need financial need. I enjoy helping people, and with a passion and setting a goal ALL things are possible.

Credit Or Debt Elimination This should help you to better understand what I'm referring to as well as offering Free and Reasonably priced services for Debt Elimination, Debt Relief, Consolidation, etc., and more.

We know Debt IS Inevitable, but the amount of debt we get ourselves into - generally speaking - is due to mismanaged money.

At you can also find information about eliminating, reducing, etc. student teacher college loan debt. It is sad for me to have to say: "Teachers" a very precious community of educated educators are having to pay "student loans". There is a better way, speaking of the elimination of debt - specifically - those that are college related. Debt, no matter what kind it is can be overcome with self-discipline and with help from those having information for reduction, elimination, forbearance, deferment, and so on.

You can change your DEBT into wealth by eliminating debts, which is a no-brainer. How are you going to do this if you don't know where, how, etc., right? At the site I mentioned you can get assistance in downloading, obtaining, finding, and utilizing the materials, products and programs.

If you have any questions, ask, and I will answer you.

Rick McDonald
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Nutrition For Your Skin ... ? Yes, Nutritional News

I couldn't wait to share this with everyone. Not Only Do I Want To Offer An Amazing Home-Based Business Opportunity, but I Want To Offer YOU A Way To Earn Money AND Reliv Your Youthful Nature AGAIN. Let me first say: I offer business opportunities through this absolutely one-of-a-kind role model company, but my objective is far from selling you on "another" get rich quick scheme. If you're looking for a million dollars to magically appear in your bank account over night, I cannot and do not offer "bogus junk" like that. I do however offer you a chance to relive and regain your health through products that have changed my life! Yes, I drink nutritional minerals every day. At first, like most people, I was skeptical, and I have good reason to be skeptical about the so called "work from home" businesses. I tried so many of the "make money online today" schemes that I'm sick of hearing and reading their ads! The opportunity I am offering you - right now - is legitimate and it is fun. If you have never owned a business move slowly and take your time. But, if you choose to join me as a member and distributor I'll be right here to help you as you take on your new journey and reliv the life and life-style you did when you were younger and in better health. I'm not a young man by any means. In saying that I wanted to give a very brief once over for you to see where I was prior to starting this business where I can work from home (anytime of the day or night), how my skin tone changed, and how the inner parts of my body are healing. 1. I had male issues - enlarged prostate - and went through one surgery to reduce the size of my prostate. The doctor said: "Your prostate is as bad as an 80 year old man, and honestly, this surgery didn't shrink your prostate enough, so I'll need to do another one." Between you and I, my reply was quick. "No Way!" If a man is reading this and you've undergone prostate surgery - while awake - you understand. 2. I've had spinal problems for many years. I refused surgery numerous time, the reason being I have seen what it's done to my mother and I'm not going through any back surgery that will do me the way it had done her. 3. I took a hand full of medication 3 times per day, and still do until doctors give me the OK to stop or reduce the amount. Some of the time my pain meds do not help in relieving the pain I suffer, but that is rare occasions. With that information alone you can see I wasn't an easy sell. I didn't believe any product could help me, but I took a chance. It was less than 2 months for noticeable changes to transform my mind, as it did and is still doing to, for and in my body. I'm not claiming these products are a "cure all", though I do claim to have seen and still see improvements after starting on the products I take daily. Each individual is different, therefore results will differ according to product taken and severity of the individuals body. RESTORE HEALTH - site with products, testimonials, videos, etc. for you to see. It is a fact - Good Nutrition helps your body. Did you know health nutritional products, with time-tested and proven track records "Help Your Skin"? When used in the right amounts, certain supplemental products will find and give your body the Nutrition Your Body needs. At "Restore Health" - a site I'm happily a member of - Nutrition, Health, Sporting Nutrition, National Nutrition, Fiber Helps Digestion, Fiber, Soluable Fiber, Non Soluable Fiber, Insoluable Fiber, Dietary Fiber Soluable, Diet Health Nutrition, Nutritional Minerals, Health Nutritional, the Science of Healthy Living, Information On Nutrition, Facts About Nutrition and Nutritional Health is included at no additional cost? Rick McDonald "Forever In His Service"